About the font and the name…

True, I did create some cool things in my life so far. One of them is the truetype font used for the image on top of this page. It is actually based on my own handwriting. You can read the how and what of that font here. And here you see somebody calling it very sophisticated :-) Some rich company‘s other Julius even got inspired by it. Unfortunately, as soon as your font is in the public domain, people tend to think it’s theirs, like for example these guys, saying that “If you use this font, please link back to” them, while duh, of course they should be asking to link back to me. Well.. what are you gonna do about it? As long as the font carries my name, people know who created it, and the fact that so many are using it to print some fake written letters with it feels quite good. Taken from lockergnome:
Most of us learned to write in cursive at the elementary level. By the time we develop our personal writing style, it’s a combination of cursive, print, and whatever symbol we use for the letter Q. Why, it’s enough to make your second grade teacher fall to her knees and weep for her sanity. The word processor has made scribbling sentences in pencil almost completely unnecessary. We can regress back to those days long enough to sign our name, but to interpret anything beyond that requires the Rosetta Stone. They say your handwriting can reveal a lot about your personality, but I’m not so sure I’d want to know. It might reveal the need to learn ‘Cursive Writing’ all over again.

This site does not have a name I’m sure about yet. Personally I think jult.net is quite the name itself, but I really need a sub-title that says it all and I would like it to have an international and/or cosmic flavor. It used to be Darker sides of jult-o-logy which is not that bad, but it isn’t just my darker side you’ll see here, so it needs to change. It’s been Jules Sans Scrupules for a couple of times, and now it’s JuliusLand but I very much welcome ideas from you the viewer. Feel free to click on the link on the right below this paragraph and inspire me. In case you think of a name that I will use, I’ll reward you with an honourable mention on my frontpage or something.

De Gevaarlijke Gek Met Zijn Giftige Pen

Een Suske & Wiske titel? Neen. Het is wat de werkelijk gevaarlijke gekken over mij denken te mogen vinden en zeggen. Of mijn huisarts mij door had verwezen naar een psycholoog, vroeg de bedrijfsartse mij vanmorgen. Nee, natuurlijk niet, bitch. Is maar goed ook, want die psycholoog zou nadien zelf in behandeling moeten, vrees ik ;-) “Die vraag kunt u trouwens beter aan andere mensen op mijn werk stellen” vulde ik aan. Zou ze dat ook noteren? vroeg ze zich vast af. Naaa, we schrijven wel op: “living in denial”, a sure sign of mental illness. En zo gaan er weer enkele honderden uren loon verloren aan door een klein groepje (zich vervelende) mensen verzonnen bullshit, en komt er natuurlijk nooit meer wat terecht van goede radio.