TinyXP Xmas 2008 Edition (update)

The nicest no-nonsense version of 32-bit Windows XP available today. Get it here.

For XP x64 Edition, try this release.

Only Living Boy In New York

I can't believe there's not an original video by Simon & Garfunkel for this track..

Leaks Found in Earth's Protective Magnetic Field

Wow, how exciting! I'd say: Try not to depend on satellite/wireless communication in 2012.
More wow. And the old original if you're interested..
And even more wow..

So when is it over?

half NL doet geen zak meer in december, dus daarom maar vast..

PaulsEgo strikes again

Visions In Blue

"Ashes of memories still aglow. (Only for you)"
Ultravox, bliss 80's memories..