Lost time with aliens

John Hodgman ;-)


Krijg nou wat;
Melatonine blijkt niet alleen een geweldig slaapmiddel (voor mij althans), het is vreselijk gezond spul! Overigens is walnoot een natuurlijke bron voor de inname ervan, net als een boel andere planten.

Louis' world

జిడ్డు కృష్ణ మూర్తి

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." (Krishnamurti)

"In obedience there is always fear, and fear darkens the mind." (Krishnamurti)

Q Bert art

Why fight aging?

the bearded Brit applies simple logic again ;-)

exponential advances in genomic research


watch at your own risk..

YouTube High Quality Bookmark

If you use Mozilla Firefox, create a new bookmark, change the location/URL to this line:
After that, everytime you view a YouTube movie, clicking this bookmark will load the (higher quality) Stereo H.264 mp4 version of the video! Tip:
Put the bookmark in your Bookmark Toolbar, and move the toolbar to the right of the back-forward-home-history buttons, so you won't lose screenspace.

More about format 18 (&fmt=18 in the YouTube URL) here.


How to lose a TRILLION Dollars

It's not that nobody knew in advance; Check the bottom here)

Singing the forest electric..

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